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Why You Should Seek Assistance from An Instant Sale Home Buyers Immediately if You Need Quick Property Sale Services



As home buyers, we can buy your home within 24 hours or as early as you want us to purchase it! We can sell your house in a month, week or even a day! This will help you avoid mortgage related costs that you are liable to pay. So, there is absolutely no need to wait for a buyer – get in touch with us today!

Individual packages

If you don’t wish to vacate your home and have very less time in hand, you can get in touch with us as we will offer you quick property sale services. we will work to your individual property sale requirements.
We have helped and support many of our customers
throughout the UK and we understand circumstances.

Professional and dependable

One of our highly trained property sale representatives will deal with you throughout the process. We believe in being clear and transparent, and you will be kept informed during every step of the entire sale process.

All UK properties

We will buy any property, regardless of size, state,  repair or decoration, throughout the UK! 
We will consider all areas and are always here to help whatever the situation. If we can’t buy your property then we will try and help in other ways – feel free to call regardless of the circumstances.


You don’t get involved in any sort of chain when you buy from us. Also, while any other buyer may change his or her decision regarding purchasing your house, we won’t change our mind once we have committed to purchasing your property from you. You truly an instant sale with An Instant Sale!

Legal charges paid

Not only will we help you find a solicitor locally but will also pay any legal fees up to £500 for a property sale.
We work and have relationships with solicitors all over so we can assist on this matter very quickly. In circumstances we pay much more then £500 towards legal costs so please feel free to ask us about this.

No charges

An Instant Sale won’t charge you for valuing your property and there are no hidden costs or extras, unlike with estate agents. We pay your solicitors fees up to £500 and more.

We offer flexibility and fairness

We have built our business and our good name on client satisfaction. We will offer you between 75%-90% of the open market value of your home.

How An Instant Sale is different in comparison to an estate agent

Comparison of a house sale valued at £135,000

Selling Your House With An Instant Sale
Selling Your House With
the Local Estate Agent
Representative offer
This is normally 7% below the price you ask
Price applicable after survey
We never drop our price unless presented with a severe structural problem
Usually an offer will drop 2% after the survey
Solicitors fees
There are no charges, we will pay your fees up to £500
Legal costs must
be paid
Payments on mortgage
A quick sale means you only have one mortgage payment to meet
On average, you will have six more mortgage payments to meet
There are never any fees with An Instant Sale
that is for sure
Your agent will add on 2% plus vat
Total Cost

With An Instant Sale


With Local Estate Agent

The payment you receive
Typically 85.5% of the estate agents approximate valuation