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Do You Have A Problem Selling Your House?

Every week, An Instant Sale receives many inquiries through the contact form on our website. These come from people who do not know where to turn next. We pride ourselves on always being able to help. Here are just a few of the letters from those we have been able to help:

The names are not real, as An Instant Sale always keeps confidentialities.

“I am in debt and my credit rating is not good because of late payments. I could sell my house to pay everything off, but then I may not be able to rent a flat because of my bad credit.” Joe

We were able to buy Joe’s house so that he could pay all his debts. We then arranged for him to rent back his home at an agreed term and rent. We have also set a price that he can buy back his home if his circumstances improve.

“My husband wants to sell our jointly owned home. Can he do this without my permission? He is in the armed forces, makes all the payments himself and wants a divorce. I have three children and this is our home, can he make us homeless?” Kay

One of our representatives met with Kay and her husband whilst he was on leave. After explaining that they both have rights to the property, they both decided it would be best to sell to us. In this way we were able to arrange a lump sum for Kay’s husband and a cash settlement for her. As she wanted to remain in her home with the children, she joined our sell and rent back scheme.

“I have a small mortgage on my home and I have found a house that I want to buy. The problem is that my property has been on the market for a month with no viewers. I am considering a bridging loan but I am wondering if you can provide a better option?” James

Bridging loans can be expensive so An Instant Sale representative sat down and explained the costs and how we could help. We allowed him the quick sale he needed for his property. He made an offer on the new house and a completion date has been set. As there was a time lapse of a month between selling his home to us and completion date on his new house, James joined our sell rent back scheme for a month.

“I need to know the difference between selling my property to an estate agent and selling to a company like yourself, An Instant Sale. Am I going to be out of pocket?” Elaine

It is impossible to answer a question like this without having a lot more detail regarding the individual’s circumstance. So we arranged for a representative to call and talk this over with Elaine. He was able to demonstrate that after taking all things into consideration, such as extra mortgage payments because of a slow sale with an estate agent and the fact that we charge no fees, there was little difference. Elaine opted for a quick sale with us.

Even if you think we will not be able to help you, give us a call – you have nothing to lose, but maybe a great deal to gain.


If you would like more information on how you can sell your home quickly - fill in the online form or phone us now.